Additional Information/Answers to FAQs

Bars & Restaurants – The places to be weekend nights for nightlife are the “kioskos” in Aguadilla which are less than two miles from the condo. These kioskos are outdoor bars with live music on weekends. The kioskos are overlooking the beach. Detailed driving directions are available in the condo. There is another great bar, Rompeolas, which is just a short walk from the kioskos. Also, visit Happy Belly's in Jobos Beach, and several other spots along the road. Very casual – most are outdoors. There are plenty of restaurants and bars on the sand hill overlooking Jobos beach. Happy Belly's is the best of the bunch. This is also a great outdoor place for lots of fun right on the beach, because after dark there is dancing. You can get there from Aguadilla by taking Road 110 past Ramey Air Base. Look for a sign on the left to Jobos. They serve a killer chicken quesadilla and have the coldest beer at a great price. Carambola Bar & Grill, located to the east of Rosalinda's on Road 110 is another lively place on the weekends. For more late night action there is a bar called Sunset. Next to Jobos Beach, this is the place to go party all night long. To get to Jobos Beach, follow the detailed driving directions available in the condo (use the Tropical Trail Rides driving directions; it will take you close to Jobos Beach).

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Grocery Stores – Located just up the road is a major chain grocery store offering everything in the way of food and sundry items. In close proximity is a small shopping center with a pharmacy, supermarket, Puerto Rican bakery, and fast foods such as Wendy’s, Church Fried Chicken, TacoMaker and the famous Puerto Rico sandwich place "El Meson". The prices & the products are the same as what you are used to in the US. Available in our condo is a map showing the location of grocery store, ATM, Bakery, Restaurants, etc.

Rental Car – We recommend you rent a car during your stay in Puerto Rico. Public transportation is limited and a car will provide the freedom to explore some out of the way sights and attractions.

Traveling with an infant/toddler, should I rent the car seat from the car rental company or do I bring my own? We suggest you bring yours with you. We would not trust the ones offered by any car rental company. You don't know if it is expired, been in an accident or even how clean it is. For $40 you can buy the Cosco Scenera convertible seat for use on your trip. We also have a toddler and we purchased a seat similar to the Scenera and use it exclusively for travel. Sceneras and similar seats are great because they are lightweight and simple to install in rental cars. If you are not purchasing a seat on the plane for your little one, you can check the car seat for no charge all the way to your final destination without it counting against your checked baggage allowance. When we have had to check our travel car seat, we used an inexpensive car seat bag to protect the seat from damage rather than trusting the plastic bags the airlines throw them in (if they put it in a bag at all!).

Does the condo have view of the Ocean? The condo is on second floor and does have a partial ocean view (See picture view from terrace on Accommodations page). As our guest you would have access to the infinity pool and surrounding gardens from which you can enjoy a completely unobstructed view of the water and breathtaking sunsets on Aguadilla Bay. Also, because the condo does not have a full ocean view the rental price is much less than the units directly facing the water, giving our guests tremendous value for their vacation dollars.

Is the property right on the beach? Walking distance? Puerta del Mar is not directly on the beach, but situated about 300 feet up in the cliffs overlooking Crashboat Beach. Being situated above the beach provides an amazing view of not only Crashboat Beach, but the entire Aguadilla Bay and the best sunsets in the Caribbean. It is possible to hike down to the beach; however the walk back up could be strenuous for most people. We recommend you drive the short 3 minutes to the beach.

Is the condo handicap accessible? Our unit is located on the second floor. There is no elevator in the building; however, there are not that many steps to our unit. The building was designed to minimize the number of steps to any unit (Garden Walk-up). Ambulatory persons will have no issues using the few steps to our unit. The condo complex does have wheelchair ramps to access the swimming pools, garden areas, and playground area.

Safety – Our condo includes smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, flashlights, first-aid kit. The area is pretty safe. We have owned our condo for over seven years and never had problems. But of course anywhere you go you should use common sense. The people of Puerto Rico are very warm & friendly. Most people speak English.

Weather – Puerto Rico is a mountainous, tropical island directly in the path of the trade winds. These conditions account for its tropical rain forest and tropical wet and dry climates. The average temperature is 85° F year around. There is little difference from season to season in the energy received from the sun, and the length of the day remains fairly constant throughout the year. In addition, the average temperature of the seawater surrounding the island is about 27° C (about 81° F), with little variation during the course of the year. The island is 100 miles long by 35 miles wide.

Maid Service – Daily maid service is not provided. However, we offer a fully equipped laundry facility and detergents for your convenience. All linen is sanitized and freshened after each use. Clean linens, pillows, and bath & beach towels are included in the unit.

Corporate Housing - If you are planning a trip toPuerto Rico and need executive style corporate housing accommodations we arehere to service your needs. Puerta del Mar is located in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico just 10 minutes from Aguadilla Airport (BQN). We are on the northwest side of the island close to many large companies and U.S Government Agencies, including DynCorp, FedEx, Department of Homeland Security, Hewlett Packard, and Tyco Security. Our executive style condo is in a secure area and it is only a five minute drive to Crash Boat beach. We offer the perfect housing solution for short and extended stay needs alike. Our fully furnished condo is a superior alternative to staying in a hotel room.

Currency – Puerto Rico is a Territory of the United States, the official currency is the US dollar $.

Massage Therapy Services - Our guest can contact Pearl Hansen (Licensed Massage Therapist) to schedule an appointment. The price for a one hour massage is $75 and for an hour and a half massage is $105. Pearl will come to the condo to perform the massage. You can contact Pearl at (939) 579-1441 or email her at to schedule an appointment. Massage therapy is great for general health and wellbeing. It has been known to improve mood, reduces stress, ease pain, improve mobility, increase flexibility, prevent injury, reduce healing time, and normalize many body functions.

Smoking Policy - There is NO SMOKING allowed inside our condo. There is no easy way to get rid of the smell. If you smoke in our condo you will lose the entire security deposit. You can smoke on the terrace only.

Electricity - Puerto Rico runs on the same electrical standard as the United States. Guests visiting from Europe will need adaptors. Our electrical access is 110 volts. Hairdryers and clothes iron are provided in the unit (two hair dryers).

Cellular phones – Most cellular phone carriers have service in Puerto Rico, including Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. We suggest you to check with your carrier to see if your phone is serviced on the western most point of Puerto Rico. Our condo does not have telephone or fax machine.

Hot Water - Our condo has hotwater.

ATMs -The closest is at the supermarket about a five minute drive from Puerta del Mar.

Drinkable water - Yes, the water is safe to drink though many visitors choose to buy bottled water at the local supermarket.

Passport - For Americans, no passport is needed. Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory. Guests from outside the US will need passports. The passport requirement DOES NOT APPLY to U.S. citizens traveling to or returning directly from Puerto Rico.

Gambling at the big hotels - There are three casinos nearby. One is in Aguadilla, approximatelly 2 miles from Puerta del Mar. The casino in Aguadilla is located in the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel.  The other two casinos are located in the town of Mayaguez, approximately 20 miles from Puerta del Mar. The two Casinos are in the Holiday Inn Mayaguez & Tropical Casino and Mayaguez Resort & Casino.

Beds sizes and mattresses - The master bedroom offers a king size bed and the second bedroom offers a queen size bed. Both beds feature plush Simmons mattresses. All linen is Egyptian cotton, 400+ thread count, and is sanitized and freshened after each use. Both of our mattresses are covered with the "Platinum Mattress Protector". The pads are 100% natural cotton fibers for extra comfort. Both pads are washed and sanitized after each use.

Internet & Printer - The condo does have wireless high speed internet access and a printer/scanner/copier for guest use. Guests need to bring their laptop computer to be able to access the internet and use the printer.

Supplies Provided for Every New Arrival - Rolls of paper towels, box of kleenex for each bathroom, 3 rolls of toilet paper for each bathroom, liquid soap filled for each bathroom, laundry soap, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, trash bags for each waste basket plus additional bags at bottom of each trash can, bottle of liquid soap for washing dishes, handy wipe, and sink scrub.

DVD Movies available - Our vacation home includes a large DVD movie collection, including new releases, perfect for watching after a long day on the beach. The collection includes many titles for children and family viewing, as well as comedy, action and drama/suspense genres.

Flights to Aguadilla Airport (BQN) - The nearest major airport to the condo is Rafael Hernandez Airport (BQN) which is a 10 minute drive. You can fly directly from Newark via Continental Airlines, from New York via Jet Blue Airways, from Ft. Lauderdale, FL via Spirit Airlines, and from Orlando via Jet Blue Airways into Rafael Hernandez International Airport. The other airport is in San Juan, the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport (SJU) which is a 90 minute drive to the condo. The SJU airport offers more daily flights than BQN airport. We provide our guests with very detailed driving directions from both airports to the condo. See Aguadilla airport (BQN) flight schedules below:

Sunset at Crash Boat Beach

Getting ready to go surfing

Leonardo and friends deep sea fishing

Fitness Center nearby

Sand toys for children

Life Vests for toddlers and small children

SCUBA diving at Crash Boat Beach

Punta Borinquen Golf Course

Puerta del Mar & view of Crash Boat Beach

Puerta del Mar overlooks Crash Boat Beach

Fun at Crash Boat Beach

Infinity Pool

Infinity pool with view of Crash Boat Beach

Explore Porta del Sol

Fitness Center - Body Fitness is the largest and most comprehensive fitness in the west coast area of Puerto Rico, with the widest range of machines and classes (over 25 weekly classes). Body Fitness has certified trainers at all times. They have children's waiting area, classes for children, sauna and heated showers. A day visit is $6.00 and a weekly membership is $25.00. Telephone 787-658-6277 Website: (This gym is 5 minutes from Puerta del Mar)

Sand Toys for Children - Playing in the sand is so much fun! Your little builder will spend hours constructing their seaside masterpiece using colorful sand tools. We have a variety of traditional toys such as buckets, spades, rakes, moulds, and more.

Toddler/Small Child Life Vest - For our guests' convenience, we have two toddler/small child life jackets. Have fun in the water and keep your child safe, with our coast-guard approved life vest. Closure type is secure buckle. Disney logos and artwork will surely make your little one want to put on these life jackets!